Ford Transit Van Seats for the Kids

When we decided to travel in a motorhome versus a truck and trailer, we knew that we would need to find the safest way for the kids to be seated. Of course, there would have to be seat belts. In addition, we have two children that are still in car


More Power for a HOT Summer

When we were building the bus at our house, power was never an issue. Even in the ridiculously hot summers of Phoenix at over 110℉. We plugged in all of our power tools to the house and ran our bus air conditioners off of the solar and battery all day


Kids' Bunk Room: Part 1 - Lower Bunks

We’ve had a vision for this bus from the beginning. We knew we could take it out of the dreary, outdated cowboy theme from 1980 and turn it into a modern, comfortable home for our family. While we have made many, many steps in that direction already, building out