The Beastly Front Cabinets

We had been absolutely dreading this project. I kind of just wanted to go on vacation and pray it was magically done when we returned. Unfortunately, we have no magic bus building elves. So, we had to just suck it up and do it - build the cabinets in the


Building the Tech Cabinet

The day had finally arrived!!! We were somewhat giddy to start this project - the Tech Cabinet. For months and months, all of our electronic gear has been sitting on the floor of the bus in a box just waiting to have a home. When we wired everything in, we


Building the Broom Closet & Pantry

Building this bus into an RV has been a long project...a very long project. The one good thing about that is that there has been plenty of time to soak up as much knowledge from other RVers and renovators as possible. One of the common issues we have noticed