Dash Rehab Part 2: Making Things Shiny

I began riding motorcycles when I was fifteen years old. And when I wasn't riding, I was reading about motorcycles.
There was one picture from Motorcyclist magazine that became etched in my mind. A Kawasaki ZX-7R motorcycle with a "chrome" frame. This is not the exact picture - I couldn't


The Nuts and Volts of our RV Refrigerator

RV refrigerators are strange. Strange and expensive. I have always wondered how the heck they can run on either propane or electricity (110 Volts A/C). Now that we have an RV, I had the opportunity to dive further into what the differences are between RV and "residential" refrigerators.



Why an Old Bus?

So how did we decide to get an old bus? Why not a traditional motorhome, fifth wheel or Airstream?

When we decided to full-time RV around the country, we were convinced that we wanted to travel in a motorhome. We really wanted that experience of being in the motorhome as